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Kobato (manga, vol. 5) presented by CLAMP, translated by William Flanagan

Kobato, Vol. 05 - CLAMP

Kobato, through singing, realizes she's in love with Fujimoto but doesn't think he could love her in return. She wants him to be happy, so she goes to Okiura alone. Meanwhile, we learn that Kobato's body is that of a gravely injured mortal girl, and her soul is that of the angel whose singing hatched angels' eggs. Iorogi (Ioryogi's old name) loved that angel and wanted to save both her and the mortal girl, but saving them may now break both their hearts.

The character relationships in this series are super-complicated. Kobato and Iorogi were in love. The mortal girl got hurt during Iorogi's war with Heaven, and Kobato wanted to save her. If I remember correctly, Kobato-the-angel's life will be saved if her wish is granted, but granting her wish would mean that she can't be with Fujimoto. Meanwhile, Ioryogi must either choose to help the angel he loves get her wish granted, so that she can live, or stand back and let her die so she can be with the new guy she fell in love with. Or something. I should have written better notes.

(show spoiler)

Unless CLAMP plans on making this a completely tragic series, here's how I see this playing out: Ioryogi decides that he's okay with his beloved angel falling in love with someone else, as long as she's happy. Kobato is given the option of having a different wish granted, and opts to stay with Fujimoto as a human. Fujimoto tells her he loves her. Everyone is at least content, except for Iorogi's ex-subordinate. We'll see. Just one more volume. I should probably request it before I completely forget what's going on.


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