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Attack on Titan (manga, vol. 3) by Hajime Isayama, translated by Sheldon Drzka

Attack on Titan, Volume 3 - Hajime Isayama

This begins with a sidestory showing Levi and the Survey Corps heading back to the second Wall after it's breached. Then it jumps to the main story. Eren and Armin desperately try to convince scared soldiers that Eren is human. It doesn't help when Eren

transforms into a Titan skeleton. They're saved in the nick of time by Commander Pixis, who decides to try Armin's idea, having Eren plug up the hole in the Wall while in Titan form. Unfortunately, things go wrong. Titan Eren seems unfocused, completely unaware of what he's supposed to do, and scarily like a normal Titan.

(show spoiler)

The art still isn't very good. I don't know that I'll ever be able to completely get past that. Isayama is best with full-page art, but anatomy is not his strong suit. At all. Small hands and oversized heads. Granted, he could be doing it on purpose, but the inconsistencies tell me that probably isn't the case. And I can't help but think that Isayama's scribbly linework is intended to hide further errors. Weirdly enough, though, I do tend to like his full-color artwork.

Now on to the story: I'm not really a fan of Eren, but I appreciated that he's well aware of Armin's strengths. He's as straightforward and direct in his faith in Armin's intelligence as he is in his desire to kill all Titans. That's kind of nice, especially since Armin was beset by doubts in this volume and needed someone to believe in him. Eren did that without even having to be prodded.

Eren provided an amazing bit of hope in the previous volume, so of course in this volume Isayama had to remind us that everyone is still stuck in a hellhole of a world. Rousing, crazy-eyed speeches about how everyone must fight and possibly die for the sake of their families, followed by the horrible moment when Eren

can't perform as promised.

(show spoiler)

The world of Attack on Titan would truly be a sucky place to live.


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