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TBR Thursday

Inspired by some nice comments from Susana, I'm going to try to participate in the TBR Thursday thing (started by Moonlight Murder) more often. My opportunities for squeeing about my newest acquisitions IRL are rare.


Okay, so All Romance Ebooks has a 25% rebate sale on Samhain Publishing books this month, and I had a few I wanted to pick up:




I loved Rose Lerner's A Lily Among Thorns, so this was a good opportunity to pick up her other books. I picked up Ghost Star Night for the same reason - I loved Nicole Kimberling's Happy Snak - although the excerpt was a little bizarre. Crossing my fingers on that one. And I haven't actually read anything by KJ Charles yet, but I've heard good things.


Those purchases earned me a freebie and some Ebook Bucks, so I got these two to top my ARe shopping spree off:




Both of these were iffy selections. For Want of a Fiend is the second book in a series I haven't actually started yet. My justification for getting it with my freebie code was that it's $9.99 (Bold Strokes Books charges waaay too much, especially considering their often shoddy editing), and I now have it on hand if I end up liking the first book. So there. (I hope I like the first book ^^;;)


Wings of Destruction is overpriced according to my personal criteria, and I suspect it's probably not very good. However, I'm interested in books starring characters who are explicitly identified as being asexual, and this is a romance starring an asexual guy. I figured I'd at least give it a shot.