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Chi's Sweet Home (manga, vol. 10) by Konami Kanata, translated by Ed Chavez

Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 10 - Kanata Konami

The suspense is killing me. What's going to happen when Chi meets her mom? And are the Yamadas really going to do nothing about the “lost cat” poster? It's a tough situation, because they've come to see Chi as another member of their family, but Chi's former owner clearly misses her. Crossing my fingers that Kanata does something like “the former owner is glad that Chi's okay and is fine with her staying with the Yamadas, and he/she and the Yamadas arrange for Chi and her family to meet and play together every once in a while.”

One thing I'm wondering: how long have the Yamadas had Chi? Chi's siblings look very little compared to their mother, but I know the series has been going on long enough for Yohei to have a birthday. Is Chi ever going to grow up, or is this one of those series where the characters stay the exact same age forever?

I was thrilled when the Yamadas took Cocchi in, but the way that played out was, unfortunately, how it often plays out with strays in real life. Cocchi was too used to life outside. It's possible he might stop by the Yamadas for food in the future, though. I hope so.

I liked this volume, for the most part, but I wasn't really a fan of the bit where Chi noticed that she's different from the Yamadas and was upset about that revelation. Kanata is usually pretty good about making very cat-like cats, and that part felt a little too human to me.


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