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I somehow managed to avoid buying lots of books during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. All I got were these three:




The Freezer was an impulse buy - I bought the first book, The Furnace, for $0.99 a while back but haven't yet read it. "Science fiction" + "Mystery/Thriller" was really enticing, though.


The Hollow House caught my eye in Carina Press's mystery section, and I liked the gothic-feeling excerpt.


If you've seen my recent reviews, you may remember that I only just finished reading and posting about Sea of Wind. If I already own a copy, why did I buy another? Well, my original copy was a paperback, and this one is hardcover. Super cheap (on clearance at Rightstuf for less than $6!), and it'll hold up better. I'll be good and donate my paperback copy to the library I work at - although it's the second book in a series, I think it could stand pretty well on its own, and I know at least one student who's going to jump for joy once it's been cataloged and processed. Now I need to see about getting a hardcover copy of Book 4. Its spine is so thick I worry I'll break it halfway through my first read. (EDIT: Okay, I just ordered a hardcover copy. I need to go hide my wallet or something.)


So, that's it for books. Unfortunately, I can't say I was very good, because I also picked up some DVDs and computer games. I was so excited to see Dreamfall: Chapters on sale via Steam. The Longest Journey games make me feel very nostalgic. The only time I ever took a moment to submit comments and praise for a game was after finishing the first one, and, to my shock, I actually got a response back that wasn't a form letter.