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The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawn  - Fuyumi Ono, 小野 不由美, Akihiro Yamada, 山田 章博,  Alexander O. Smith

I just read a review indicating that an entire chapter may be missing from the hardcover release of this book. I did a bit more checking, and found another review with more specific information. Oh, Tokyopop. Dang it, I wish I'd seen those reviews before ordering the hardcover edition. I suppose I can hope that Tokyopop did a corrected hardcover printing and that that's what I'll be getting, but I somehow doubt it. The Amazon review at least gives me a few easy ways to check if I got one of the (more) error-riddled copies.


I guess this means I'll be reading my paperback copy instead, and trying really hard to be gentle on the spine.