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TBR Thursday

I missed last week, so this is actually two weeks worth of book buying.




On a Red Station, Drifting - Aliette de Bodard - I'm not entirely sure what this one will be like, but a couple reviewers whose tastes tend to be similar to mine liked it, and the description mentioned an artificial intelligence. Also, the cover is pretty.


The Seventh Bride - T. Kingfisher - I still haven't read Toad Words. That's okay.


Avogadro Corp - William Hertling - I had issues with The Last Firewall, but this appears to have a completely different cast of main human characters, so I'm crossing my fingers I'll like it more. On the one hand, I'm looking forward to ELOPe. On the other hand, I think The Last Firewall mentioned that it either disappeared or got destroyed. Hertling is hard on his AI and robot characters. :-(






All I can say about these books is "Sale! $0.99 each!" A couple reviewers whose tastes are usually similar to mine like this author's works. I tried a little of Champion of the Rose and liked it. I was going to just get that, but then a part of my brain whispered "It's a duology. You should get both books." Which led to me getting another one of the author's duologies, plus a couple standalones.


I am so glad that I don't have to find physical shelf space for e-books. Crossing my fingers that I actually like these and didn't make a "$0.99 sale frenzy" mistake.



I, Robot: - Mickey Zucker Reichert - The only paper book out of the bunch. I was going to put this on my "to check out of the library at some point" list, but I happened to be in a bookstore yesterday and this was on their bargain shelves. I should probably reread I, Robot.