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New glasses, continued

Sorry, whiny non-book post coming up.


I've had my new glasses with the new lenses back for a week now. They changed the anti-glare coating and the material to try to get rid of the glare problem...and it's still there. I finally figured out that the stuff I'm seeing is things being reflected off the cut edges of the lenses. I just have no clue what to do about it, and don't know why it's happening with these glasses when it didn't with my old pair. I've tried repeatedly to replicate the problem with my old pair and can't.


The people at my optometrist's office have basically said “There's nothing else that can be done, so learn to live with it" (along with descriptions of glare issues they've learned to ignore in their own glasses, as if I haven't been wearing glasses since I was a kid). I'm trying. I think I can learn to ignore the light reflections when I'm driving at night, but the little shadowy flickers at the top of my vision when I'm working on a computer are maddening and make me feel like there's something wrong with my eyes. I'm so tempted to just call my new glasses an expensive mistake and quietly start wearing my old ones again.