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Finished with my re-listen

14 (Audiocd) - Peter Clines, Ray Porter

I just finished relistening to this. I liked it more the first time around, before I knew the secret behind all of the building's oddities. Ray Porter, the narrator, was still nice to listen to (although I giggled when he did the "voices" of the beings near the end - I kept thinking of kids' show villains, for some reason).


I had forgotten how often Nate thinks about sex. I guess it was a little more tiresome this time around. It was nice that he didn't seem to expect his occasional thoughts of sex to lead to something (for example, it didn't bug him when

Xela ended up with someone else). I'm more ambivalent about the tiny bit from Veek's POV. On the one hand, the beginnings of her interest Nate were displayed by her thinking of Xela as "the slut." On the other hand, she recognized that even thinking about Xela as "the slut" was unfair. Part of me wishes that Nate hadn't ended up with anyone. Maybe it's just me, but it felt like the ending was a set of rewards for Nate: the cool job, the brainy girl who was jealous when she thought he was interested in someone else.

(show spoiler)


I'll probably listen to something new-to-me next, but I have no idea what.