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TBR Thursday

After weeks of being good and not buying anything, this week happened. I've been a little stressed. I dealt with it by book shopping.


I caved and picked up the Humble Bundle just prior to the current one, and I'm still debating whether to get the "Immerse or Die" Story Bundle (at the moment, I'm leaning towards either getting the first five, or individually buying the two books that most appeal to me). I won't list all the bundle books I got, but here are the ones I individually selected and purchased:




Sharing Space (The Complete Series) - Nina Perez - Everyone seems to love this series. I thought the excerpt was good, so I finally caved and bought it.


Sinners - Eka Waterfield - The main character is an asexual sidhe drug dealer. This may end up being an iffy read for me, but it was cheap and I was in book buying mode.


Sunstruck - Polenth Blake - Urban fantasy by an asexual author. I don't read much urban fantasy anymore, but this one sounds heavier on the mystery aspects, so I decided to give it a shot. Plus, look at that gorgeous cover. I love it.




Tales from Outer Lands (The Mangoverse) - Shira Glassman - Jewish lesbian fantasy. I hope I end up at least liking it, because the other books in the series sound like fun.


The Perilous Life of Jade Yeo - Zen Cho - This is another one that gives me cover lust. I liked the excerpt, and I've heard good things.


The Emperor's Edge Collection - Lindsay Buroker - Book 1 is free to download, and I should have waited to read that before buying this, but it was cheap and I couldn't resist.




The Sons of Masguard and the Mosque Hill Fortune, Part One (The Sons of Masguard, #1) - Vivienne Mathews - The only freebie in the bunch. The cover of the one I downloaded is completely different. Anyway, someone I follow reviewed it, and it sounded interesting. I can't find their review, though.