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Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie

I spent all day doing chores and trying to get my apartment AC fixed, so I finally broke down and said "Who cares if I'm only partially done with several other books? I'm going to start reading this." I've been looking at it longingly for a couple weeks but was afraid my slump would sour it somehow.


So far, so good. It's a bit slow, but I appreciate that, because there's a lot to adjust to.


The main character isn't good at figuring out genders and thinks in a language that doesn't require them. The author communicates this by using feminine pronouns for everyone. I had heard about this in a review, and had worried it would make things confusing, but so far whether someone is a female "she" or a male "she" hasn't mattered.


The main character's past existence has taken a bit more effort to wrap my brain around. As I understand it, she started off as a ship AI with twenty biological "ancillary units" - people who were turned into flesh puppets in order to serve as additional bodies for the AI. I'm looking forward to finding out how she survived being reduced to a single ancillary unit.