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TBR Thursday

This was a week of sales, the big one being All Romance Ebook's Fourth of July 50% rebate sale.




The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin - Colette Moody - This one came to my attention when I saw someone on Twitter raving about it. It has a lesbian pirate and a seamstress-turned-doctor.


Branded Ann - Merry Shannon - I hope I don't kick myself later for making this purchase. I've read one other book by Merry Shannon, Sword of the Guardian. It had a fantastic-sounding premise, but the execution had serious problems. I'm hoping this one is better. Again, pirates.


Shield of Justice - Radclyffe - I once saw someone describe Radclyffe as "lesbian romance's answer to Nora Roberts." I'm not sure if this means that their writing styles are similar, or if this was just referring to Radclyffe's similarly enormous backlist. Anyway, I decided I wanted to try one of Radclyffe's books, and this looked good.




A Kingdom Lost - Barbara Ann Wright & The Fiend Queen - Barbara Ann Wright  - Have I mentioned that I'm a completist? When I found out that the series was only four books long, I decided I should get the other two. Even though I haven't read the first yet. This kind of thing is why my TBR is enormous.


The Alpha and His Ace - Ana J. Phoenix - It looks like more and more authors are writing books, specifically romances, with asexual characters in them. This one was free. Here's hoping it won't leave me feeling rage-y.




A Rational Arrangement - L. Rowyn - A poly romance set in a Regency-ish fantasy world. I got it while it was on sale, braving the Kobo store for the second time ever. Thankfully, this time nothing went wrong and all the books I bought were actually the books I bought. Yay, no need to contact Kobo's customer service!


An Heir to Thorns and Steel (Blood Ladders Book 1) - M.C.A. Hogarth - While I was braving Kobo, I figured I should also pick up a couple works by M.C.A. Hogarth - I've hardly purchased anything of hers since she decided to no longer sell her works via Smashwords.


I've heard that this trilogy is technically one long work split into three pieces, so I was tempted to get all three books at once. I successfully resisted this urge.


Black Blossom: A Fantasy of Manners Among Aliens (Volume 3) - M.C.A. Hogarth - Another one of Hogarth's I've been wanting, but had resisted because getting it meant braving Kobo. (I don't even consider B&N an option, not since they stopped allowing people to download their books from the B&N website.)