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Ancillary Sword - Ann Leckie

[Adding the spoiler tag because I mention a few details I love, which could be seen as spoilery. Not majorly so, but still. Beware, fangirling ahead.]


My notes could just be lots of hearts, smileys, and swirly things, with glitter. I love this "on the ship" stuff, even knowing that Breq is preparing her soldiers for a war that could, and probably will, tear apart the entire empire.



  • I wonder how many other ships with human crew have them behaving like ancillaries as much as possible? Was it humiliating for the crew of Mercy of Kalr at first, or did they like the anonymity of it right from the start?
  • Kalr Five and her love of dishes. ♥
  • I have this mental image of all the soldiers, but especially the Kalrs, as very proper household servants. Like some kind of Downton Abbey/Imperial Radch mashup. I must go looking for fanfic. Surely I'm not the first person to think of this?
  • Seivarden, thinking about sex again. And Breq suggesting pretty much anyone as a possible partner except herself. Whether she intended it as a "no" or not, that seems to be how Seivarden took it.
  • The Bos are kind of adorable. And I like the Amaats for singing for Breq, even if they don't realize that's why they're doing it. And the Kalrs have Kalr Five and, later, hugs. I feel a little bad that Ekalu and the Etrepas are just sort of there. Maybe they'll get to shine in the next book. Or maybe they're being set up for tragic deaths. Crap, I hope not.