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Humble Bundle - Made With Kickstarter

I'm seriously considering this Humble Bundle, even though it has more things I'd need to read on my computer or tablet than I prefer (I like my graphic novels in paper form).


The one thing I've read out of the bunch:




I thought this one was okay, although most of the main characters weren't very likeable people.


The ones that tempt me:





I've wanted to read To Be Or Not To Be ever since Grim posted about it a while back (was there ever a review? I can't find it). Hollow World looks very familiar, but I can't remember if it's familiar good or familiar bad. Help Fund My Robot Army seems very gimmicky, but possibly fun.


As for the Harry Connolly books, I think I'm going to be reading Connolly's A Key, An Egg, An Unfortunate Remark right after I finish Toad Words. If I like that one, these three books alone might be worth the bundle - they'd cost me $17 via Smashwords.


Another one I'm interested in: Imagined Realms by Julie Dillon - no image because I couldn't bring it up in a BookLikes search. I have a feeling I'd want a print copy of her book to go with the digital. Her artwork is gorgeous.


Decisions, decisions.