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All That Glitters (Alchemy's Heirs #1) - Elizabeth McCoy

At this rate, I'll be finished in a day or two. Except my Simple Touch has been grumbling that it needs to be charged, so who knows.


I'm not sure how I feel about the romance. Neither of the main characters seems to have much of a problem with the idea that their relationship is being influenced by the dramsman's draught (loyalty potion - makes it impossible for a person not to want their master to be safe and happy). I think a dramsman is able to show distress if they're ordered to do something they wouldn't normally want to do, and both of these characters are very enthusiastic with each other, so maybe that's being taken as evidence of true consent?


If the dramsman's draught weren't involved, I'd probably be more on board with this. Although Jani is going to be so hurt and upset when she finds out Iontho isn't who she thought he was.


Anyway, it's kind of nice that, out of three sex scenes, the first two were entirely about Iontho doing his best to make sure Jani was enjoying herself.