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Another Omnibus - Yukito Ayatsuji, Hiro Kiyohara, Karen McGillicuddy

There are no page numbers in this, so I have to guess.


Meh. This is my fourth time with this story - first as an anime, then a rewatch of the anime, then the novel, and now this manga. I think that may have been two times too many. Once again, I'm annoyed at the lengths this story goes to to hide who the "casualty" is. It's not quite as bad as in the novel, but it still feels artificial.


There is apparently also a live action movie version. I really wonder how they managed to hide the "casualty" in that one. The book relies on the main character just not thinking about certain things (ugh), while the anime and the manga rely on

characters' faces looking enough the same that a different hairstyle can make them look like a completely different person. How does it work in a live action movie where you'll have to use the same person in what's supposed to look like two different roles?

(show spoiler)