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Ancillary Sword - Ann Leckie, Adjoa Andoh



- This is a nice way to draw things out until Ancillary Mercy is finally released. Unfortunately, I realized yesterday that Ancillary Mercy is coming out mere days before I have to do what will either be my first solo conference presentation, or my first presentation with a certain librarian I admire. I could probably read the whole thing before the conference, but it'd be at the expense of planning and preparing for my presentation, so I will have to be strong and resist.


- I'd love to know the thought processes behind Andoh's choice of accents for the various characters. I'm not surprised that they're all over the map - the Radchaai aren't nearly as homogenous as they'd sometimes like to pretend they are. I just wish Andoh hadn't chosen what I think is a German accent for Captain Hetnys, though. It's far too cliched. I think I'd be irked by it even if I weren't half-German.


- I'm glad I read this before listening to it, so I could interpret characters and scenes for myself. It's interesting how Andoh's reading changes the feeling/tone of certain scenes from how I viewed them when I read them on my own. That said, I'm totally getting the audio version of Ancillary Mercy. I just plan on listening to it after I read the book.


- I think the first scene with Basnaaiad might have been even more heart-breaking in audio than it was when I read it. Poor Breq.