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August 2015 reviews


If you can believe it, I wrote over half these reviews this past weekend.


The best stuff I read and reviewed:

  • Ancillary Sword - Ann Leckie - After rereading it twice, I had to admit I actually liked it more than the first book. My favorite scene? "Sir. I'm Ship."
  • We Are All Completely Fine - Daryl Gregory - Not as creepy as the cover led me to believe, which is not a complaint, by the way. I really enjoyed getting to find out each of the characters' secrets.


The best stuff I watched and reviewed:

  • Skip Beat! - This is the Taiwanese adaptation of the Japanese manga of the same title. The special effects are cheesy, the acting is often over-the-top, and Gong Xi (the Taiwanese Kyoko) is almost too childish at times, and yet I loved this show. It was incredibly addictive. It's too bad the ending was even more disappointing than the ending of the anime.


Honorable mention:

  • Bake Sale - Sara Varon - This gave me a wonderful brownie recipe, although I still need to fiddle around with it and see if it's as delicious with a lot less sugar than the original recipe calls for. Seriously, the sugar in this is kind of ridiculous.