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Emperor Mollusk Versus the Sinister Brain - A. Lee Martinez, Scott Aiello

Judging by my Audible wishlist, I may be subscribing to Audible a little longer than I originally intended (and I'm even debating upgrading). On the plus side, although my paper and e-book wishlists grow almost unchecked, my Audible wishlist is constrained by my pickiness over narrators. For example, I would have put a bunch of fun-sounding steampunk titles on my wishlist if the narrators hadn't, even to my American ears, had very fake British accents.


Anyway, I needed something to listen to today, so I told the part of my brain that still thinks I'm a broke grad school student to shut up and bought this. The sample sounded great. Here's hoping the rest of the book is just as much fun.


ETA: I thought I should add that, yes, there's a fake British accent in this audiobook too, but Scott Aiello seems to be doing a better job of it than the narrators of the steampunk books I rejected.