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Problems In Organizing Library Collections - Doralyn J. Hickey

"Why Catalog the Entire Serial Just for One Issue?" - a faculty member wants a stack of sample issues of journals cataloged, even though he has no plans to ask the library to subscribe to any of them


When Betty reported the gist of the conversation to Mariann, she almost caused an explosion.


"He didn't really say that. He couldn't have said that. You must be kidding."


"I know it sounds crazy to you. But that's exactly what he said. They want a collection of sample issues to show the graduate students what's available in the field. And they don't want to put in a subscription or get back volumes."


"All I can say is it's a good thing the afternoon's almost over. I just can't cope with such foolishness anymore today. I'll see you in the morning. Maybe I'll take a tranquilizer or something to calm me down. This day has been simply ridiculous!"


I shouldn't laugh, but I am. I don't consider myself a serials cataloger, although, as my library's only cataloger, I do handle serials on occasion. I had a similar conversation a while back, although mine went more like, "Really? Are you sure Dr. __ won't want more issues? But this one is from 2005! What good will that do anyone?" (By the way, he did want more issues later on, but not on a consistent basis.)


I love the chapters with lots of dialogue. They're so much fun. My favorite so far has probably been the chapter with the missing catalog tray - it had a staff member with a sense of humor and a gift for impersonating people, as well as another staff member who planned to spend his Christmas break recreating the tray, with his wife helping him "so she won't have to listen to [him] bitch about it anymore." (48)


I'm hoping to finish this today, so I can turn it in tonight. This is the book that's really really due tomorrow.