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Now that I'm nearing the end of my pile of Alice in the Country of stuff (although more might arrive in the next few days), I've finally figured out which Alice in the Country of Joker subseries I should have read first. Of course, it's the one I started reading last, Circus and Liar's Game. Oops.


So far, vacation reading is going nicely. I think I'm up to 20 volumes finished. Natsume's Book of Friends has probably been the overall best of the bunch so far. Wandering Son wasn't bad, but had way, way, way more complicated relationship drama than I expected. The Alice in the Country of stuff is all over the place. I've concluded that Job is not only the worst artist in the series, but is also the one who gets some of the worst plots. Except for the one volume with Ace. Not even Mamenosuke Fujimaru's pretty artwork could save that one.


I plan on writing up short reviews of everything when my break is over, but for now it's nice to just fly through everything without writing posts for each one.