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Ancillary Sword - Ann Leckie

I didn't get as much read last night as I would have liked, and today is my post-vacation Monday (the news so far: moldy books, staff member illness, and we need to start going through student worker applications), so who knows how many pages I'll get through today.


This is the one book in the trilogy I've read/listened to the most. It helped pass the time while I was waiting for the last book. The beginning and end of Ancillary Sword are some of my favorite parts of the trilogy.


So far, we have the introduction of Kalr Five and Tisarwat. I love Kalr Five's love of dishes (she would be horrified by the mugs I use for my morning tea), and every mention of Tisarwat as a baby anything makes my chest ache. This time around, the stuff going on with Tisarwat seems obvious, but I remember being completely wrong when I guessed what was going on during my first reading.


Also, I thought I'd bring up Mercy of Kalr. One of the things I love about this trilogy is the variety of AI personalities. Book 1's Station was kind of snippy. Justice of Toren displayed affection or dislike in the tiniest little ways (adding tea, unasked, to a cup that was still nearly full, while ignoring for as long as possible someone else who had requested tea). I think of Mercy of Kalr as the "mom" AI of the books, bolstering her crew with helpful comments and encouragement here and there.