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Buddy Read: Page 78

Ancillary Sword - Ann Leckie

I managed to get the break room to myself (a miracle!), so I was able to get some reading done. I ended on this note:


"'We probably won't hit Sword of Atagaris,' I added. 'Space is big. And this morning's cast was fortunate.'"

Which always makes me laugh a little.


So now I'm past Seivarden spending a lot of time thinking about sex, and I'm past the revelation about Tisarwat. It's interesting to note that Breq doesn't let Seivarden in on the stuff about Tisarwat - only Medic and Mercy of Kalr know. She seems comfortable with Seivarden, but maybe doesn't fully trust her still?


I got to thinking about Breq. I believe Breq's body is the one that was awakened and hooked up just before everything went wrong, the one that Awn comforted. Which means she wasn't hooked up long. Did she ever experience ghosts (like fragments of memories) of the person whose body that used to be? That would have made the post-Justice of Toren period so much worse.


Changing the subject: I'm enjoying the insights that Breq gets into the various members of her crew. Here are all these people who've learned to hide their emotions as much as possible, and Breq gets at least a partial picture of what's going on underneath that.