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Ancillary Sword - Ann Leckie

I swear, I've reread the last 20 or so pages often enough that I should have them memorized. The hug. Gah.


I definitely like this book better than Ancillary Justice. I could feel that right from the start. It wasn't so necessary for Leckie to set the stage anymore, and then there were the characters. In Justice, Breq was largely alone except for Seivarden. In this book, she got a ship and a crew, and it was so much fun seeing everyone interact. Even after two previous readings, and two previous times listening to everything in audiobook form.


I'll end with a couple notes I was saving because I was too lazy to turn my computer on.




"These people are citizens. . . When they behave properly, you will say there is no problem. When they complain loudly, you will say they cause their own problems with their impropriety. And when they are driven to extremes, you say you will not reward such actions. What will it take for you to listen?" - Breq to Governor Giarod, about the Valskaayans (306)

Sometimes I log on to Facebook and think of this quote. ::sigh::




"It wants to see everyone, all the time," said Uran. Greatly daring. "It says it wouldn't be the same as someone spying on you."


"It's very different from a planet, on a station," I said, as Eight opened the door, revealing Sirix Odela. "Stations like to know their residents are all well. They don't feel right, otherwise. Do you talk to Station often, Citizen?" Wondering as I spoke what Sirix was doing here, whom I had not seen since Eight had seen her talking to Captain Hetnys.


In the dining room, Uran was saying, "It talks to me, Rad...Fleet Captain. And it translates things for me, or reads notices to me."


"I'm glad to hear it," I said. "Station is a good friend to have." (323)


One of the things I expected that never actually happened was that Uran would turn up again later, perhaps working more closely with Station. I suppose Mercy took place too soon after Sword for that. I could imagine Uran getting a job on Station and sending money back to family members on the planet. Just in general, it makes me happy to think of Station and Uran becoming friends over time. They've both had an extremely rough time, to put it mildly.


ETA: Just remembered that Uran does show up again, just not as prominently as I expected/hoped.