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Buddy Read: Dlique and Zeiat

Ancillary Mercy - Ann Leckie

Dinner break! I was able to get far enough into the book to see Zeiat's first appearance, so I finally got to check what I wanted to check before posting about my Dlique/Zeiat theory. Which is paper thin. I have no real evidence, the sample size is laughable, and there are a few quotes that indicate I may be going in the wrong direction. But I'll post it anyway.


Okay, so both Dlique and Zeiat arrived at the station and introduced themselves as Dlique, saying that that was who they had been told they were. Dlique mentioned that she might be Zeiat, but most everyone agreed that she was probably Dlique. Zeiat said she was Dlique, but was corrected by Breq. This led to Zeiat asking what happened to Dlique and figuring out pretty quickly that Dlique had gotten herself killed. She was not very shocked about this.


I'm starting to wonder if the Presger have some kind of Translator personality templates. Like, maybe a group of Translators are raised (grown?) together and taught that this is what "Dlique" is like, and this is what "Zeiat" is like. And then a small number of them are told that they're Dlique and sent out into space. Dlique is more prone to getting herself into trouble, but since Radchaai have a vested interest in not upsetting the Presger, this shouldn't be too much a problem. People would try to keep an eye on her. Unless a situation is really bad, in which case Dlique ends up dead. The next personality template in the line is Zeiat, and if a Translator is told that's who they must be, then they know that something has probably gone wrong with the previous Translator - so, both an identity and an easy way to tell what the local situation is. Of course, that relies on at least one person who meets the Translator telling her that she's Zeiat, and no, I have no idea why the Translators/Presger would assume anyone would do that.


Like I said, my little theory has major issues, but the whole Dlique/Zeiat thing has been buzzing around in my head for a while now. We get little hints of Presger and Translator ways of thinking and living, but that's it. The Presger and the Translators fascinate me, even as they also kind of freak me out.