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A Beautiful Friendship - Khristine Hvam, David Weber

This is another audiobook that's not really working for me - disappointing, since I had expected to love it. But it keeps going on and on about things I don't care about or that I already figured out, while skipping over the interesting stuff. For example, I knew the instant Karl appeared on the scene that he and Stephanie were probably going to become a couple at some point. I didn't really need the scene in which a couple adults stood around and talked about the potential for romance between Karl (15) and Stephanie (14) (Karl's a little in awe of Stephanie, and they've been spending a lot of time together while Stephanie learns to shoot), while also speculating that probably nothing will happen anytime soon (Karl is still getting over the death of the girl everyone had expected he'd eventually marry).


On an unrelated note: anytime food comes up the descriptions are so lovingly detailed that I want to cry. All I have in my office are Cheez-Its!