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I don't have anything I absolutely need to do today, so I'm alternating between listening to my favorite UTAU tuner's stuff (kyaami's latest, above), destroying things while in goat form (I bought Goat Simulator on Cyber Monday and am enjoying it), and working on reviews.


I also started "playing" World End Economica Ch. 1, which I got in a Humble Bundle a while back. I somehow neglected to see the bits in its reviews that mentioned that it's non-interactive, so it's like reading a story with pictures. There are no choices to make - at best, you press "enter" to see the next line of text. The protag is an utter jerk. There's this girl, Hagana, who's been rude and cold towards him, and who he first met when she was going through his stuff without permission. Which, yes, I can understand would be upsetting. But then he thought about retaliating by taking naked pictures of her and posting them on the Internet. And later he considers slapping her across the face as hard as he can. And even later, he contemplates inflicting pain on her, knowing that he could do it without leaving marks. WTF? This was totally not what I was expecting when I saw it was authored by Isuna Hasekura, unless readers are supposed to hate this character.