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TBR Thursday

I realized I have six gift-giving occasions in the next month and a half. Six. And I've primarily been concentrating on the first of the bunch. So I went into denial and did some book shopping instead. (And now I totally need to stop being in denial and start figuring out what various people would like for their birthdays. Why am I related to so many people born in December, January, and February?)


Here are all my e-book purchases from the past month. A good chunk of this is from one of the current Storybundles, and a couple purchases were inspired by a current Storybundle.


The Long List Anthology: More Stories from the Hugo Awards Nomination List (The Long List Anthology Series) (Volume 1) - Eugie Foster,Usman T. Malik,Rachael K. Jones,Tom Crosshill,Max Gladstone,Kai Ashante Wilson,Xia Jia,Elizabeth Bear,Ruthanna Emrys,Scott Lynch,Rachel Swirsky,Yoon Ha Lee,Ken Liu,Carmen Maria Machado,Alaya Dawn Johnson,Sam J. Miller,T. Kingfisher,Amal El-Mo  AI Unbound: Two stories of artificial intelligence - Nancy Kress  The Red: First Light - Linda Nagata  

The Trials (The Red Trilogy) - Linda Nagata  The Other Half Of The Sky - Athena Andreadis,Kay T. Holt,Vandana Singh,Aliette de Bodard,Ken Liu,Melissa Scott,Alexander Jablokov,Nisi Shawl,Sue Lange,Joan Slonczewski,Terry Boren,Alex Dally MacFarlane,Martha Wells,Kelly Jennings,C.W. Johnson,Cat Rambo,Christine Lucas,Jack McDevitt  The Narrator - Michael Cisco,Jeff VanderMeer 

The Bestiary - Ann VanderMeer  The Best of Spanish Steampunk - Félix J. Palma,Sofía Rhei,Javier Calvo,Eduardo Vaquerizo,Marian Womack,James Womack,Diana Pho  Not Dark Yet - Berit Ellingsen  

Mothership Zeta: Issue 1 (Mothership Zeta Year 1) - Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam,Anna Salonen,Fade Manley,Malon Edwards,Marina J. Lostetter,Sarah Gailey,Paul DesCombaz,Kevin Wetmore,Suyi Davies Okungbowa,Mur Lafferty  ME - Thomas T. Thomas  Five-Twelfths of Heaven - Melissa Scott 

Entreat Me - Grace Draven  Dreamships - Melissa Scott  Crandolin - Anna Tambour  

Clarkesworld: Year Six - Aliette de Bodard,Robert Reed,Catherynne M. Valente,Kij Johnson,Ken Liu,Carrie Vaughn,Neil Clarke,Sean Wallace 


As far as the Storybundle stuff goes, I'm most excited about/interested in The Other Half of the Sky, The Bestiary, and The Best of Spanish Steampunk.


One of these is a Beauty and the Beast retelling (Entreat Me) but the rest of the ones I individually purchased are primarily AI books and stories. I've mostly worked Ann Leckie's books out of my system (at least I'm not rereading or relistening to one of them every other week or so), but I still want more AI stories.


I noticed a couple Storybundle freebies and downloaded those:


Maids of Misfortune - M. Louisa Locke  Hidden - Megg Jensen  


And then I picked up a couple freebies that will probably be terrible. Once I finally get to them, I need to remember that I have the right to DNF if I want, because these suckers are long. I downloaded the first because of the gorgeous cover art, and the second because of its title.


Oh, and then there's Little Fuzzy, which I picked up from Project Gutenberg.


Wicked Bartender - KuroKoneko Kamen,Kyoux  Cowboy Samurai X Badass Android - KuroKoneko Kamen  Little Fuzzy - H. Beam Piper  


And then there's the Audible stuff:


Jurassic Park: A Novel - Michael Crichton,Scott Brick,Brilliance Audio  Neverwhere - Benedict Cumberbatch,Neil Gaiman  The Seventh Bride - T. Kingfisher,Kaylin Heath,Brilliance Audio  


It didn't seem like quite so much stuff until I was putting this post together...