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Wandering Son (vol. 2) by Shimura Takako, translated by Matt Thorn

Wandering Son, Vol. 2 - Matt Thorn, Shimura Takako

All the characters are in the 6th grade now, and Saori is in a different class than everybody she got to know in volume 1. Shuichi buys himself a wig for his and Yoshino's outings. They befriend Yuki, who turns out to be a trans woman. Seya Riku, a classmate of Shuichi's sister,

falls instantly in love with Shuichi when he sees Shuichi dressed as a girl, leading to Maho (Shuichi's sister) discovering Shuichi's secret. Yoshino and Shuichi start an exchange diary.

(show spoiler)

This was my favorite volume of the ones I read during my vacation, in large part because of a few quotes I liked so much that I felt the need to record them in my notes. Here's the first one, said by a drunken Yuki to Yoshino and Shuichi:

“You two are so lucky. I wish I had had a friend like me.” (120)

I can only imagine how tough it must have been for Yuki, growing up. And then there's this one, said by Saori after she dumped her food on a jerk who was picking on Shuichi:

“I apologize to the people who prepared this food. But I will never apologize to you!” (I have no page number for this one, for some reason)

I'm still not sure what to think about Saori, who is an odd mix of supportive and self-centered. However, this part was awesome, even if it did get her in trouble. Shuichi had to deal with an awful bully who made fun of him for squealing when the bully started to strip him (what the hell? I was so mad for poor Shuichi).

Yuki's boyfriend made me...uncomfortable. Grabbing a teen's crotch, even one you thought your girlfriend was cheating on you with, is not cool.

In general, one thing I loved about this volume was that Shuichi and Yoshino were slowly amassing a support network. I hope that it's enough to get them through whatever future volumes throw at them.


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