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Black Butler (vol. 19) by Yana Toboso, translated by Tomo Kimura

Black Butler, Vol. 19 - Tomo Kimura, Yana Toboso

Sebastian, Ciel, and all of Ciel's staff end up stranded at the mysterious Emerald Castle in Germany, the temporary guests of Mistress Sullivan, the witch in charge of the village (which seems to only have women in it). Ciel and even Sebastian

end up injured by a miasma while investigating the surrounding forest. Sebastian serves as Sullivan's temporary butler while Ciel, caught up in terrible flashbacks that cause him to reject all but Finnian, recovers.

(show spoiler)

This volume's bonus: Black Ventriloquist.

I really liked this volume. We got to see Sebastian in (chemically produced) tears – Toboso's artwork was absolutely gorgeous here. And we got flashbacks to the time Ciel was held captive (okay, not so wonderful, especially since there were strong indications in past volumes that Ciel was probably raped in addition to being forced to be ritual fodder) as well as flashbacks to Finnian's past as a test subject. And Toboso reminded readers that Sebastian is a demon and couldn't care less about Ciel rejecting him.

Seeing Ciel so weak and broken was...upsetting. There's so much about this series that only works as long as Ciel is his usual abnormally mature and haughty self.

Mistress Sullivan was kind of fun, although I couldn't help but imagine Elizabeth's reaction to her. All the girls love Ciel, and he just finds them to be embarrassing/annoying. Heh.


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