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Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus and Liar's Game (vol. 7) story by QuinRose, art by Mamenosuke Fujimaru, translated by Angela Liu

Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus and Liar's Game, Vol. 7 - QuinRose, Mamenosuke Fujimaru, Angela Liu

With Blood's help, Alice escapes Joker's prison. She learns that Vivaldi is Blood's sister and that they

planned the execution together for...reasons. Vivaldi gives Alice up to Blood, and Alice tries to adjust to the role of being an escaped criminal, Blood’s lady, and a member of the Hatter mafia. She becomes the Hatter family negotiator, slowly transforming the Hatter family into something that operates more legally, and she eventually marries Blood. It's a fragile ending, though, as Alice's brief involuntary move to the past, the Country of Diamonds, demonstrates.

(show spoiler)

The issue of Alice's choice isn't completely resolved (the regret and guilt that led to her envisioning her sister as Joker's prisoner is still there by the end), and there's a sense of impermanence to her life with Blood, despite the evidence that she's building a future with him. The move to the Country of Diamonds was very brief, very rushed, and kind of confusing.

Although I was disappointed about how fragile Alice's happy ending felt, I still enjoyed the sweetness of it (even if it didn't really fit the tone of most of the previous volumes in Circus and Liar's Game). There was some recognition that, the longer Alice stayed in Wonderland and the more she built a life there, the more the rules would apply to her as well. Both Alice and Blood made it clear that they wouldn't tolerate replacements – if either one of them died, they wouldn't accept a new “Alice” or new “Blood” created with repaired clocks. I suppose that's as close to a "happily ever after" as you can get in QuinRose's Wonderland.

All in all, this was a sweet ending for Circus and Liar's Game, but I disliked how unfocused the series felt. There were too many mysteries (and I'm still not satisfied with the explanation given for Alice's visions of the funeral) and, although Blood was a fascinating character, the romance wasn't given enough room to breathe and grow. Also, art-wise, I'd like to say that Fujimaru normally does a great job but sucks at drawing guns.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)