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TBR Thursday

What with not having to go back to work until January 4th, I keep losing track of what day it is. Some of you on BookLikes helped me remember that it's Thursday (at least in my time zone). So here's what I've picked up in the past week:


One-Punch Man, Vol. 1 - Yusuke Murata,John Werry,ONE  Her Royal Spyness - Rhys Bowen  Naked in Death: In Death, Book 1 - J. D. Robb,Susan Ericksen,Brilliance Audio  

Agent to the Stars - John Scalzi,Wil Wheaton  The Crown Tower: The Riyria Chronicles, Book 1 - Michael J. Sullivan,Tim Gerard Reynolds,Recorded Books  


I've already read and reviewed volume 1 of One-Punch Man. As for the others, those were Audible purchases, using the get two for one credit deal.


I've previously read and listened to Naked in Death and loved it enough that relistening to it is appealing. I've read Her Royal Spyness before, but it was so long ago that I've forgotten what happened. Plus, after enjoying Katherine Kellgren's narration of The Twelve Clues of Christmas, I'm looking forward to hearing her narrate more of the series.


Agent to the Stars is me hoping that I don't end up with another "Wil Wheaton narrating one of Scalzi's books" dud. Crossing my fingers. And The Crown Tower was one I'd recently seen an intriguing review for, although I'm not entirely sure if it's okay to start the series with that book. From the sounds of things, it's chronologically the first book, but doesn't come first if you're reading in publication order.