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Reading resolutions and a few LibraryThing tweaks

I don't really have any resolutions, beyond reading at least as many works as I read in 2015. So, in 2016 my reading goal is a minimum of 143 works and/or rereads. Maybe it'll force me to get through my backlog of unread/unreviewed manga.


Oh, one other goal: I'd like for my physical offloading (selling to used bookstores or gifting to my library) to cancel out or be greater than (in terms of measurements) my physical acquisitions. I sort of stopped measuring in 2015, but I'm pretty sure I did badly.


A few other things I'm doing:


- I'm going to give recording my TV and movie watching in LibraryThing a try.


- I'm also going to give recording my physical book and DVD acquisitions in LibraryThing a try. I'll also be recording the stuff I offload there. My thinking is that, the fewer places I have to record stuff, the more likely I'll be to actually do it. My notebook was nice and all (it had cute kittens on the cover!), but I basically abandoned it after a few months.


- In order to help me out and take advantage of LibraryThing's capabilities (and get around its limitations), I've added a few collections. In addition to the usual "Read in 2016," I've added "Watched in 2016," "Viewing Library" (in the future, this will contain everything I've viewed in every year), "Acquired in 2016," and "Offloaded in 2016." The main reason I'm using separate collections, rather than just separate tags, is that LibraryThing's fabulous stats page can only have filters applied at the collection level. I found that out, to my annoyance, after my first year.


I forgot to mention it in my stats post, but my 2015 paper book reading resulted in a stack taller than an ostrich. I read a little over 24,000 pages (according to BookLikes, it was 26,221 pages), and the weight of what I read (the physical stuff, anyway) equaled about 4.56 adult badgers (my favorite weird system of measurement on LibraryThing). As difficult as it can be to decide just how to tag, organize, and record things on LibraryThing, I do like the immense amount of data the site can provide.