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What's the oldest unread book in your collection?

A few years ago, I saw an author complaining that a particular Amazon reviewer must have pirated her book, because the version they'd reviewed hadn't been available for download for a while. No names, because 1) I don't remember who it was and 2) she calmed down when her friends reminded her that not everybody reads books as soon as they buy or download them.


For some reason, that incident has been on my mind lately, so I thought I'd ask: What's the oldest unread book in your collection? Are you the kind of person who buys books and then hoards them for months or even years, or do you read books as soon as you get them?


I'm almost entirely the former, although that doesn't stop me from buying new releases. As far as my e-book collection goes, I have unread books going back to 2011, when I bought my first e-reader. My print collection is even worse. I don't have exact dates for anything, but, for example, I have a copy of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers by Jane Jensen that I bought back when I was really into the Gabriel Knight games. The most recent of those games came out back in 1999, so I've probably owned that book for at least 15 years. Nostalgia has thus far prevented me from offloading it, and I really do intend to read it. Someday.