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"12 Ways to Kill Your TBR This Year" + Habitica

Both URL Phantomhive and The Primroses Were Over recently posted about a reading challenge I found appealing, "12 Ways to Kill Your TBR This Year."  I like that I can just do it and no one else will notice or care how well I'm doing (or not doing), and each month is general enough that I can think of something in my TBR that would apply. I plan to use it as inspiration to get through at least one book in my physical TBR a month.


I'm also still on Habitica (back when I first posted about it, it was called HabitRPG), so I decided to make use of that to keep track of how I'm doing and to help me remember each month's challenge.


Here's my current avatar with her lovely pet mantis shrimp, which I like to imagine would, if it existed in real life, happily bludgeon to bits all the things that annoy me and stress me out:



I've set up each month as a task.



Unfortunately, once those are checked off they're gone, so I wanted a way for additional books after the first one to count. At the moment, I'm going with "Read a physical book" in the Habits section, but since I'd click that so rarely and since it means quick reads would count the same as longer reads, I might tweak it, maybe set it up so that it's based on number of pages for paginated stuff (novels) and number of volumes for unpaginated stuff (like a lot of my manga).



I considered setting this all up as a Challenge on Habitica, but even after a year on the site I'm hesitant to create (or even enter) challenges.


At the moment, I'm only planning on allowing physical books to count for the "To-Dos" part. If I tweak the "Habits" section, I'll probably end up allowing both paper and e-books to count, since I don't currently have a "Habit" set up that applies to reading. However, the point of the challenge, for me, is to inspire me to get through more of my physical TBR, which I sometimes forget about when I'm immersed in my e-books.