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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers - Jane Jensen

I have my book back! Yay! Unfortunately, right away we have a lack of logic issue.


Earlier, Gabriel couldn't figure out how to convince someone to part with a particular silver bracelet, so he managed to secretly make a mold of it. (I couldn't help but think about the amount of time he kept that clay in his pocket, and the number of times he fingered it. The stuff should have either been a smear or a crumbled mess by the time he had an opportunity to use it. Another instance of game logic not working in a book - in a game, you can keep clay in your inventory for however long and never worry about it.)


Unfortunately, Gabriel wasn't an amateur jeweler and didn't have the money to pay someone to make him a copy of the bracelet. When he managed to get a quick $100, I figured that he'd be using it to get the bracelet made. The text even told me that was what he planned to do. But then he bought an alligator mask for no apparent reason. Jensen has a habit of having Gabriel do strange things and waiting until later to explain his reasoning, so I thought maybe this was his first step towards getting the bracelet. Except now Gabriel is standing around wondering why he bought that mask (by the way, that $100 was literally the only money he had - the man doesn't even have a stray quarter in his pocket and had to barter for food during an earlier scene). ::sigh:: I guess this means he bought it because it will mysteriously be useful later in the game, I mean story.