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The Beast Within - Jane Jensen

For some reason I'm not flying through this one like I did the first. Gabriel is a bit more annoying in Germany than he was in New Orleans. Also, we finally get Grace's POV, and she's written as the kind of jealous harpy who'd suddenly drop everything and fly all the way to Germany because Gabriel left a phone message that mentioned a woman's name. OMG! He must be sleeping with her! HULK SMASH.


Okay, so Gabriel has pulled something like this before, ending up in a gorgeous rich woman's bed after speaking to her a grand total of two or three times. BUT. It's not like Grace and Gabriel are even a couple, or that he treats her particularly well. He's technically her employer, but it was repeatedly stated in the previous book that he couldn't afford to pay her. She stuck around anyway (out of pity? or because she secretly and stupidly lusted after him? even Grace probably doesn't know the answer to that one). He had her research things for him, things that he knew had gotten a couple other people killed, and he didn't even have the courtesy to tell her everything that was going on so she could decide for herself if she was willing to risk her life. Then she opted to skip getting her PhD so she could stick around and help him with future exciting cases, except he left for Germany without her and made no effort to keep her in the loop.


Grace. Maybe just ditch him and start investigating supernatural stuff on your own if it interests you that much.


Oh, and Gabriel's newest book sounds awful. The main character's name is Blake Backlash, and Gabriel wrote Grace in as Blake's sidekick, but renamed her Fujitsu. Fujitsu. Who of course slept with Blake at the end. If I were Grace, I'd have thrown that book at Gabriel's face. Her taste in men is terrible.