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Alien Emergencies: A Sector General Omnibus - James White, David Langford

I'm now done with Sector General, the second work in this omnibus. Like Ambulance Ship, it was basically an anthology.


"Accident" was my favorite of the four stories in Sector General, and maybe my favorite Sector General story period, even though (and maybe because) it highlighted just how idealized White's Sector General series is.


I liked "Survivor," even though it was fairly similar to a couple other stories in Ambulance Ship, because I liked seeing how everyone handled Dr. Prilicla, the fragile empathic alien, becoming a critically ill patient. Of all the aliens in the series, Prilicla is my favorite.


"Investigation" was fascinating but would have been even better if the story had been a bit longer. I'd have loved to see the entire crew that Conway and the rest rescued awake, aware, and back together, because I found the idea of how they functioned to be incredibly appealing.


"Combined Operation" was a drag to get through. I figured out what was going on a bit before Conway and the rest. Normally, Sector General stories are primarily devoted to the process of figuring out the situation - the solutions are usually handled very quickly. That wasn't the case here. I ended up skimming the pages and pages devoted to Conway trying to decide the best way to surgically alter the aliens.


Now all that's left is Star Healer. According to the table of contents, this should be my first Sector General novel, rather than series of short stories/novellas.