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TBR Thursday

In this week's TBR Thursday post, you all get to see just how amazingly I've screwed up my "offload more physical stuff than I acquire" project. I've been having a stressful past couple of weeks at work, and on Valentine's Day I let loose and took advantage of sales and saved up gift cards.


Here's my e-book haul:


Further Arrangements (Arranging Paradise Book 2) - L. Rowyn  A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder - Julie Anne Lindsey  


Further Arrangements (Arranging Paradise Book 2) - L. Rowyn - The first one is a collection of stories featuring characters from the author's first book, A Rational Arrangement. Which I haven't read yet. But it was on sale! Hopefully I like them both.


A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder - Julie Anne Lindsey - This was a Carina Press freebie.


And my digital comics haul, a first for me. (Thanks, Grim!):


Jughead #1 - Chip Zdarsky Jughead #2 Les McClaine Variant - Chip Zdarsky  Jughead (2015-) #3 - Chip Zdarsky,Erica Henderson 

 Jughead (2015-) #4 - Chip Zdarsky,Erica Henderson  



Jughead #1 - Chip Zdarsky - I've only read the first of these so far, but I hope to get to the rest of them this weekend.


And now for the physical book haul. This is just what's arrived so far. I'm expecting two additional packages, one from Amazon and one from BN. Kudos to Right Stuf for being so quick. If you're into anime and manga, I highly recommend them. Their sale prices are usually pretty good, and they have excellent customer service. All right, enough plugging, onto the books:


The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 1 - Aya Shouoto  What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 2 - Fumi Yoshinaga  Love Stage!!, Vol. 1 - Eiki Eiki,Taishi Zaou  


Love Stage!!, Vol. 2 - Eiki Eiki,Taishi Zaou  Love Stage!!, Vol. 3 - Eiki Eiki,Taishi Zaou  Love Stage!!, Vol. 4 - Eiki Eiki,Taishi Zaou  


The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 1 - Aya Shouoto - This was an impulse buy. The setup and appearance of it give me Kamisama Kiss vibes. That series didn't do a whole lot for me, so I suppose I'll see if this one works better.


What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 2 - Fumi Yoshinaga - I generally like Fumi Yoshinaga's stuff, although I haven't reviewed much of it yet. I enjoyed the first volume of this series, so I figured I'd pick up the second.


Love Stage!!, Vol. 1 - Eiki Eiki,Taishi Zaou - I bought four volumes of this series, so I really hope I like it. Taishi Zaou is a guilty pleasure for me - I love her artwork, even though her writing can be more than a bit off-the-wall. The last (only?) Taishi Zaou/Eiki Eiki collaboration I read was surprisingly sweet. I'm hoping for more of the same here.


The volumes are all wrapped in plastic, which is unsurprising. The one collaboration I read had several on-page sex scenes, so I expect these will too.


His Favorite, Vol. 1 - Suzuki Tanaka  His Favorite, Vol. 2 (Yaoi Manga) - Suzuki Tanaka  His Favorite, Vol. 3 - Suzuki Tanaka  

His Favorite, Vol. 4 - Suzuki Tanaka  His Favorite, Vol. 5 - Suzuki Tanaka  His Favorite, Vol. 6 - Suzuki Tanaka  

His Favorite, Vol. 7 - Suzuki Tanaka  His Favorite, Vol. 8 - Suzuki Tanaka  


His Favorite, Vol. 1 - Suzuki Tanaka - (Volume 7 has the wrong cover, which is why it looks like one volume is listed twice.) I hadn't intended to get this many volumes of the series at once, especially since I didn't already know if I'd enjoy it, but there you are. Sale! Work stress! And also, lots of volumes means I can binge read if I want.


I vaguely remembered reading a review of one of the volumes somewhere, but couldn't remember if it was positive or negative (sadly David Welsh of The Manga Curmudgeon, my past source for shounen ai and yaoi manga recommendations, quit blogging back in 2011). I was checking out the series' Wikipedia page and saw under the "reception" part that one critic mostly liked it but was annoyed by the lack of sex. So I dumped a bunch of volumes into my cart.


And that's it. At least until the next package arrives.