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The Abyss Surrounds Us - Emily Skrutskie

I really should work on finishing one of my other "currently reading" books before starting this one. Oh well.


Comments so far:


- I love the idea of the Reckoners. They're basically aquatic kaiju designed to bond with particular ships at birth and protect those ships from pirates. The main character's current favorite is Durga, a mix of snapping turtle and iguana that's as big as a whale.


- Favorite quote so far: "I don't think it's possible to love someone as much as a Reckoner loves her companion ship." (11)


- Fun ideas aside (OMG, I hope there's an adult cephalopoid Reckoner in this book), I dislike that this is written in bland first person POV.


- Also, the main character just had an old man walk up to her for no particular reason and tell her a brief history of how this world came to be, in the guise of reminiscing about the past. Hello there, clunky exposition.


- I'm a little confused about the setup. Are there different Reckoner breeding/training companies, or is Cas's family's facility all there is? Shouldn't there be lots of them? What happens if a Reckoner gets injured badly enough that its down time seriously cuts into a ship's profits? From what I can tell, Reckoners get seriously cranky if they're kept apart from their companion ships for too long, so it's not like a Reckoner could ever retire. And what happens if a Reckoner survives the destruction of its companion ship? Are they just euthanized somehow, or can they bond with another ship?


I really do like the Reckoner aspect, so I hope that more details are included later on. And hopefully in a less clunky way than someone, out of the blue, talking about things that the people around them should either already know or not really care that much about.