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The Abyss Surrounds Us - Emily Skrutskie

I really, really wish that the author hadn't chosen to write this in first person present tense. It's really not working well for me. That said, I'm loving the Reckoner training stuff. I ♥ baby Bao.


I checked the author's site to see what else, if anything, she has either published or has on the horizon. There's a sequel for this book scheduled to be released in 2017, and then there's this, which I guess is one of those "manuscripts sitting in a desk drawer" things:


"Salvage: My first lil’ book. A teenage space pirate, along with her insecure and uncooperative ship’s computer, sets out to recover a massive lost treasure ship, the one bargaining chip in the galaxy large enough to win her amnesty. (Complete since 2009)" - http://skrutskie.com/writing


"Insecure and uncooperative ship's computer"? You guys, I want this book. Too bad it hasn't been published. ::sob::