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Nearly done with a comfort re-listen

Ancillary Mercy - Adjoa Andoh, Ann Leckie

I didn't quite feel up to starting something new-to-me after finishing Ex-Heroes, and then there was added work stress in the form of a committee I suspect I was put on more because of workplace politics than anything. I decided it was time for a comfort listen, and hey, it's only been four months since the last time I listened to Ancillary Mercy.


I'm a couple hours away from finishing it, and I was right, it really does work as a comfort read/listen. It has everything I need right now:


- Although there are parts that still make my chest tight, none of the characters I love die.


- The little moments that mean a lot, like when one character offers another tea at a particular moment, or in a particular way.


- Just about anything and everything to do with the characters, even those times when Seivarden is an enormous flawed mess.


- Adjoa Andoh voicing Breq. I'm fond of her voices for several of the other characters, but she's perfect as Breq.