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I can't seem to stop at fixing just one

I decided to start doing librarian tasks more regularly on LibraryThing, and I now have a shiny new time-waster. I've done about 300 work combinations in the past week, just by going through authors in my collection, authors I know here on Booklikes, and authors I've read or heard about. I even managed to do an author combination when I realized that one of the books in my collection was orphaned due to the author's name having been misspelled by the publisher (oops).


Things I'm still wary of touching: non-English works (I've been fixing a few manga combination errors, but very gingerly) and authors who are also in some way involved in comics/graphic novels (often confusing and/or overwhelming). But I think it's going well, and I have a new fondness for authors who title their novels, stories, and omnibus volumes in such a way that it's crystal clear which is which. As far as everybody else goes, thank goodness for disambiguation notes.