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His Favorite, Vol. 4 - Suzuki Tanaka

There's a portion of this volume where Nishida and Sato are basically doing battle over the right to date Yoshida. Yes, they should probably be consulting Yoshida about this (in fact, he butts in at one point in order to say this very thing). But the battles themselves are hilarious.


Nishida is the guy from volume 3 who was so incredibly, ridiculously kind that he simultaneously helped an old woman with heavy packages, saved a kid's balloon, saved a drowning puppy, and captured a thief. Sato has figured out that the best way to fight such an incredibly kind guy is to either 1) convince him that participating in the fight would put him in the position of being a villain or 2) remind him of all the kind deeds he's unable to do while he's fighting. The results made me laugh so hard I cried.


Here's a demonstration of tactic #2. By the way, this is an utter lie on Sato's part: