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Poseidon of the East, Vast Blue Seas in the West - Fuyumi Ono, Eugene Woodbury

It's Twelve Kingdoms time again! I was iffy about this one, when I read the Tokyopop release. Shoryuu held his cards a little too close to his chest. It was no wonder so many of the people close to him didn't quite trust him, considering that all he ever showed them was his care-free mask.


Anyway, while looking up Twelve Kingdoms stuff a while back, I came across this description for the book:


"Ono Fuyumi's brief foray into romance novels. Takes place at the beginning of Shouryuu and Enki's rule (i.e., 500 years before present book events). The swarthy warrior-king Shouryuu must save his fiesty bride Enki from the clutches of kidnappers (one a dear friend from ages past, seduced into an abusive relationship with a power-grabbing noble), all while navigating a tangled web of political intrigue. If you object to this summary I challenge you to compose a more complete one. The fourth arc of the anime series." (Source)


Even though this particular interpretation never occurred to me and I don't agree with it, it still amuses me.