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Out - Natsuo Kirino, Stephen Snyder

(Technically, pages 199-200.)


Masako, trying to explain to a police officer why Yayoi (a mother of two small children) and other women work the night shift at the factory:

"In Yayoi's case," she said, "she'd already been fired from a day job because of the children. The way she explained it to me, she didn't have any other options."

"That's what she told us, too. But I still don't see how a night job could be worth it."

"It isn't," Masako said, interrupting his train of thought. His persistence got on her nerves. "The one good thing about it is that it pays twenty-five percent more than the day shift."

"I don't see how that could be enough to make a difference," he said.

"Maybe not. But if you had the choice of spending three hours less on the job for the same pay, it might make sense."

"I see your point," he said, although it was obvious he didn't.

"I suppose it's hard to understand if you've never had a part-time job."

"Not many men do," he said, failing to see the irony in this admission.

"If you did, I think you'd see that it's only natural to want to make a little extra pay for a little less work."

"Even if it means living your life out of sync with the rest of the world?"

"Even then."


I'm slowly progressing. These are not likeable characters, even Masako. Masako seems to be the strongest, the one who's most "together," but that doesn't make her likeable. Still, I'm interested to see where the story goes, for the most part. I'm still wary of some of the stuff that was mentioned in a few of the reviews I read. Supposedly the worst of it will happen in the last quarter of the book.