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TBR Thursday

There was a sale. And also performance evaluations at work (which are ongoing, so the low-grade annoyance and stress continues).


First, the paper books:


Gravitation: The Novel - Jun Lennon  Halo: The Fall of Reach  - Eric Nylund  


Gravitation: The Novel - Jun Lennon - I'm reasonably sure I've read this before, but I can't remember anything about it. It's probably mediocre-to-bad, but I have mostly fond memories of the great big wacky mess that was the manga series (robotic panda!), and fonder memories of the anime (glittering J-Pop!), so when I spotted a copy of this on sale for less than a dollar I decided to get it.


Halo: The Fall of Reach - Eric Nylund - Some comments on one of Grim's posts convinced me to give the Halo novels a try at some point, but I didn't actually set out to buy this. It was just there while I was in a bookstore, and it seemed to be the first book, judging by the series list at the beginning.


All Romance Ebooks had one of their 50% rebate sales, so I picked up a few e-books as well. These are all books that, according to publisher/author descriptions, feature ace main characters.


To Terminator, With Love - Wes Kennedy  My Alpha and His Cake (The Alpha and His Ace Book 2) - Ana J. Phoenix  Stinger - Katya Harris  


The Galloway Road - Catherine Adams  The Cybernetic Tea Shop - Meredith Katz  Open Skies - Yolande Kleinn  


There are now enough works out there that I can't afford to buy everything. I passed up several published by presses I'm more familiar with (Dreamspinner, Riptide), for various reasons. All but one of the ones I chose were published by Less Than Three Press. I wasn't impressed with the quality of their editing in Victoria Zagar's Wings of Destruction, but I figured I'd give them another shot (or five). Someone whose tastes I trust liked at least one of them, so I'm crossing my fingers that there are at least a few good ones in the bunch.


The one not published by Less Than Three Press is My Alpha and His Cake. Ana J. Phoenix's The Alpha and His Ace wasn't great, but I'm a bit of a completist and the sequel was cheap.