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Alice in the Country of Diamonds: Bet On My Heart - Nana Fumitsuki, Sana Shirakawa

It's probably the novelty of this being set in a whole new country, but it's actually not that bad so far. I'm enjoying getting to know the new rules, new characters, and differences in the old characters.


A couple things, though:


- I may be remembering this wrong, but I'm pretty sure that Vivaldi became a Role-Holder before Blood did. Since the Country of Diamonds has Blood as a Role-Holder, but not Vivaldi, either the writer screwed up, or it takes place in an alternate timeline. (ETA: I just realized there's a third option. She could be a Role-Holder, but not physically present in the Country of Diamonds, the way Gowland and Julius are in the Country of Hearts but not the Country of Clover.)


- Ugh, the beginning manga pages. This is primarily a novel, but it begins and ends with a few manga pages. You read the book from left to right, but the individual manga pages are unflipped, so you have to read the panels and dialogue from right to left. It took me three confusing pages to figure this out.