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Fox's Bride - A.E. Marling

This book isn't quite as bizarre as the first one. I kind of miss that, but this one is turning out to be much easier reading. There's still something slightly off-putting about the author's writing, but Marling's POV choice is so much better. The first book was written in first person, from Hiresha's perspective - Hiresha, the character who can barely keep her eyes open and who is at her best when she's asleep. This book is written in third person limited, which opens things up a bit. The world is no longer a surreal near-dream, at least not 100% of the time.


Other comments:


- Hiresha's romantic options are terrible. There's Tethiel, who is basically her charming and dangerous vampire almost-boyfriend. Then there's Chandur, her bodyguard, who's devoted, muscular, and definitely not a horrifying fear-eating monster. Unfortunately, he's also very young, very earnest, and very naive.


- I still love the way Hiresha's magic works - she can enchant or heal things or people she's holding when she falls asleep, and in her dreams she can minutely examine anything she heard or saw while she was awake. Of the things she has enchanted, Chandur's sword is one of my favorites. It's 50 pounds, has a blade made out of jasper, and only works as a weapon because of the many enchantments she layered onto it.