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TBR Thursday

I bought a lot of books in the past week. I did get all of the Kodansha manga bundle (not listed, because I'm lazy). It's my first comics bundle, so I'll see how that goes and how motivated I'll feel about reading manga that doesn't take up shelf space.


First, my lone paper purchase (at least until a package arrives later this month):


Naruto: Sakura's Story - Tomohito Ohsaki,Masashi Kishimoto,Jocelyne Allen 


Naruto: Sakura's Story - Tomohito Ohsaki,Masashi Kishimoto,Jocelyne Allen - I still haven't read my other Naruto novel, but that doesn't matter. Of the three novels, this is the one I'm most wary of. Sakura can be an awesome character at times, but the back of the book indicates that this story might feature an awful lot of Sasuke angst.


And now for the e-books:


 Otters In Space - Mary E. Lowd Huntress - Renee Carter Hall  Eidolon - Grace Draven  


Otters In Space - Mary E. Lowd - I loved the movie Zootopia and was disappointed that, as far as fiction went, the best I could probably hope for was the junior novel, so I went searching for possible read-alikes. In this one, humans have long since left Earth, anthropomorphized otters have set up a colony in space, and anthropomorphized dogs and cats live together on Earth. The excerpt could have been better, but I'm still willing to give the book a shot.


Huntress - Renee Carter Hall - The excerpt for this reminded me more of Clare Bell's Ratha books than of Zootopia. The cover is gorgeous, the excerpt seemed good despite not being quite what I was looking for, and the reviews intrigued me.


Eidolon - Grace Draven - I loved Radiance, so of course I was going to get this.


Gravity's Revenge - A.E. Marling  Dream Storm Sea - A.E. Marling  Dark Lord's Wedding - A. E. Marling  

Magic Banquet - A.E. Marling 


All four of these books are set in the same world as Marling's Enchantress series. I enjoyed Fox's Bride and considered just buying the next book, Gravity's Revenge, but I was in a book shopping mood and could afford to get all the rest.